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Bridal Bliss


Designed to pamper and prepare the bride for her big day!

  • Silk Sleep Mask. Blush silk sleep mask with a black velvet adjustable strap.
  • Wedding Agenda. A beautifully designed agenda to help her plan the perfect wedding. Includes a calendar grid, customizable tabs, guest address pages, gift journal, note pages, and a catch-all pocket.
  • Lollia Mini Wish HandcremeWarm vanilla bean and rice flower scented shea butter handcreme in a beautiful gift box.
  • Here Comes The Bride Ring Box. The perfect little porcelain and gold box to keep her new rings in.
  • Lollia Wish Bath SaltsWarm vanilla bean and rice flower scented bath salts in a gorgeous fabric sachet.
  • Our Signature Blush Gift Box with navy ribbon and card with or without handwritten note (by request). 

*Please note in the box above what you would like written in your card (if anything).