Why Branded Company Swag Is NOT A Gift

By Tawni McAleer

Why Branded Company Swag Is NOT A Gift.


Whether it be for the holidays, on-boarding, a client or employee gift, or a thank you gift, we know that a gifting strategy can be a great way to build loyalty, increase referrals, and keep your business top of mind. A lot of companies like to give promotional items as part of their gifting strategy, thinking it will be appreciated and help promote brand awareness, however branded swag may not be the best way to go.


Think about the last time you received a promotional item from a company. Maybe it was a branded pen or mug, or even a tote bag. While it may have been nice to receive, did you really consider it to be a gift? Probably not. In fact, most people view branded company swag as nothing more than advertising material. That's because, at its core, that's exactly what it is. It's a way for companies to promote their brand and increase awareness, and the recipient knows that. Our solution? Your company logo on a branded insert, not on the actual gift. 


There's nothing wrong with giving away promotional items. But if you're doing it with the intention of making a lasting impression or showing your appreciation, you might want to rethink your strategy. If you're looking to give someone a truly thoughtful gift, skip the branded swag and go for something that is personal and original. Your recipient will appreciate it much more!


Let's take a deeper look into why branded swag may not be the best choice for your business.


It's not thoughtful or personal.

It doesn't show that you know and value the person or that you understand their interests. A personal gift shows that you care about the person and want to give them something they'll actually use and enjoy. The key is to not think of your gifts as an advertisement, but as a way to connect and leave a lasting impression. 


It doesn't show you care.

It doesn't let the recipient know that you value them enough to pick out a gift that doesn't come with strings attached. Branded company swag is not personal, so it doesn't really show that you care about the person. It can make the person feel like just another number. A gift should be something that shows you understand the person and what they like. It should be something that they would actually want to receive.


It's not original.

Everyone gives branded company swag. It's not original and it doesn't really show that you put any effort or thought into the gift. Branded swag is boring and more than likely ends up in the trash not long after it's received - making it a huge waste of money. If you want to give a truly original gift, it needs to be something that the person would never expect to receive from you. Gifts that are unexpected make your company stand out. If you choose a gift that is thoughtful, and personal, the gift will leave a strong, positive association with your brand.


So, there you have it! These are just a few of the reasons why branded company swag is not a good gift. Next time you're looking for a thoughtful present, skip the swag and go for something that is personal and original instead. Your recipient will thank you for it! Thanks for reading! We hope we inspired you to choose gifts that are thoughtful and memorable this year. If you're looking for gifts that won't disappoint, click the button below to shop our curated gift boxes or create a custom gift box that they are sure to love!

Happy gifting!

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